Business Insider magazine carried out its own investigation and found out that Amazon corporation plans to build a large-scale fleet for drones. Journalists discovered patent documentation with a plan of a special place where drones will be stored and maintained. Amazon has taken a long-term interest in technologies. The company invests in drones and researches opportunities for delivery of goods with drones. It is not clear if the projects will be implemented.

This week cryptocoin market capitalization has overcome its maximum. It surpassed the 177 billion dollar mark. The last record was set in June. The market capitalization at that time stood at 166 billions, but already in a month the benchmark fell to 90 billion dollar. In this way the aggregate capitalization of digital assets added 30% of its value during approximately a week.

Google corporation is making a platform that will help media and media companies publish the content. The working principle reminds on the Discover tool in Snapchat. You can put there stories with pictures, video and text you can browse through. The platform will be called Stamp. Now Google is negotiating partnership with such media giants as CNN, Washington Post, Time as well as with big informational agencies. But the service can be also used by ordinary companies for news publishing. A draft should be presented during next weeks.

Canadian media company Groupe Média TFO is looking for partners for development of a blockchain platform that will monitor compliance with copyright of audio and visual content. The firm is making educational and culture media for already half a century. The new service will not only monitor compliance with copyrights but also make enrollments to broadcasters, producers and intellectual property owners. The project is funded by the Canadian fund of media, the organisation supported by federal government as well as by the private broadcasting industry.

Skype has added a new function to its mobile app. Now users can transfer money to each other. Working principle of the option is very easy. In order to transfer money you need to tie your Skype account to your PayPal profile and start using the instrument. The Function Send Money is already supported in 22 countries.