Microsoft developers are working on a new platform for corporate clients called Coco Framework. The service is directly linked to the blockchain technology. Coco Framework will help accelerate transactions and increase the security level. The platform will be free of charge but the developers expect higher demand for other cloud technologies. The tool should be supported starting from next year.

American online retailer Overstock is now accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. Clients can pay for their purchases with almost all crypto assets. The developers added this option for over 60 cryptocurrencies. In the online store Overstock you can find all kind of goods from hygiene to interior design. According to company representatives they try to expand platform features and buyers enjoy new function. Now clients are spending around 50 thousand dollars in cryptocurrencies.

WikiLeaks published another set of documents on cyber espionage. The organisation told about a program called Couch Potato intercepting users’ video content. CIA staff gains access to AVI files in real time mode, moreover the instrument allows to make video snapshots in JPG format. WikiLeaks continues to reveal secret data of american intelligence. There are around 9 thousand revealing documents published on the service at the moment.

Multisectoral company BitFury Group which is a developer and producer of blockchain solutions has made a partnership agreement with Insilico Medicine corporation working in the field of artificial intelligence. The companies combined their efforts to develop a healthcare platform. The service will focus on medical data storage, tracking and identification. That will help secure all the information and make interactions between patients, medical staff and health institutions faster and more efficient.

Japan Corporation Sony and american IT-company IBM presented an educational platform on blockchain. It will help professors and teachers exchange students data. The platform will store professional achievement and student progress information, school attendance etc. The project is developed with usage of Hyperledger Fabric technology. Sony representatives announced they plan to launch more educational blockchain solutions.

Internet company Facebook announced in its blog the launch of new service called Watch. It is dedicated for watching all possible video content: talk shows, sport events, TV series and other broadcasts. The platform is compatible not only with smartphones and PC but also with flat screens if a special app is downloaded.

Every Facebook Watch user can choose personalized content in accordance with own preferences and friends referrals. According to media sources Facebook plans to release exclusive broadcast and set a separate budget for that purposes.