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Audi in the virtual reality and other news from the world of technology

The automotive brand Audi is implementing the technologies of virtual reality (VR) to its work. They are being used for training of new staff members of logistic centers. All the equipment fits into a small suitcase, it can be used in any place without fear of language barriers. The training takes form of a game where future staff members go through the entire working process. Due to the portative computer and glasses they can see a realistic picture, due to two controllers they can pick up and move virtual objects.

The stimulator has several levels of complexity and the staff members  learn progressively new and more sophisticated tasks. The company already has an experience of implementation of VR-technologies. You can find glasses of virtual reality in some Audi dealer centers where the clients have the opportunity to learn about any vehicle model of their interest.

This fall Windows is to present a large-scale update called Fall Creators Update. On the 17th of October users will be able to appreciate new system functions. For instance now applications on a computer and a smartphone can be connected with each other, and you can work in rotation in any of them. The developers improved interface and task manager, which will display tasks in chronological order.

In the updated version will appear the function Eye Control for the disabled allowing to manage the device with a view. Windows will also launch a platform of augmented and virtual reality, advanced 3D photo and video editor and a cloud application.  

Eneres, the japanese energy concern launches with governmental assistance a blockchain project will be used in the area of renewable energy. Over 1000 households from several japanese localities will participate in tests of the decentralized platform. They use the sources of renewable energy and often produce more energy than they need. The blockchain system will distribute this balance between another households and enroll compensations for participants. The first results of the work of smart micro networks will be available in the beginning of 2018.

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September 27, 2017

Новые технологии пронизывают разные сферы человеческой деятельности. И это радует.
По всему чувствуется – грядут большие перемены!

September 27, 2017

Крутые технологии и я стою у её истоков – это Супер!

September 28, 2017

Технологии блокчейна меняют мир у нас прямо на глазах. Не напрасно изобретение этой новой технологии и направления сравнивают по её значимости с изобретением интернета, и скоро мы все увидим, что за ней – будущее не только денежной системы!