Google corporation has officially presented a platform for ARCore smartphones which is creating augmented reality. It will be supported with almost all mobile phones with Android 7.0 operating system and its newer versions. Developers managed to put a complicated technology in one application. The users of millions of smartphones like Lenovo, ASUS, Huawei, Samsung, LG will be able to see an illusion of virtual objects around them without special equipment. Soon the developers will perform test runs of the platform.

For the first time in 12 years YouTube released a major update of its mobile and desktop versions. The biggest change is a native support of different video formats. While watching vertical or quadrat videos the application then adjust itself to the size required. Users can now change the speed or forward video with a double click. Also users can now switch on a night mode while the main video hosting theme becomes dark. This function is available for desktop users. YouTube logo has also been changed. Moreover the service runs tests on improved gesture management. In order to switch between videos a user will have to scroll a smartphone screen to the left or to the right.

Sberbank, the biggest Russian commercial bank plans to implement blockchain to its loyalty system. During a conference the bank representatives announced, the bank is working now on around 20 projects based on the distributed register. Factoring services and loyalty programs are among them. The ideas of other projects are not disclosed. Moreover Sberbank participates in development of a legal base for blockchain and crypto currencies on the state level and also plans to launch an educational platform which will train experts in the area of innovative technologies.