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Australia is striving to the space, cytptocoins continue to take over the world

Australia plans to create its own space agency. This was sated by the science minister Michelia Cash. She noted the international space industry is constantly growing and Australia intends to keep up with other developed countries and has its own niche in this area. At the national agency the scientists will develop and implement space technologies as well as develop its own strategy for the peaceful purposes. According to the media, Roskosmos and NASA could be mobilized as partners.

The experts of the Cambridge Center for the studies of alternative financial systems announced that during the next two years the quarter of the world central banks will use blockchain. According to their projections the use of the technology of the distributed register will double within next ten years. The researchers interviewed representatives of the banks and the respondents said they are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and plan to implement technologies in their processes. Many financial institutions plan to issue its own digital assets. The researchers noted the increase in the demand for blockchain platforms in the state sector.

The American entrepreneur and trader James Altusher announced in a newsletter to his followers that Amazon will accept cryptocurrencies already starting from the next month. According to Altusher this news was presented to him personally by Scott Malin, the head of Amazon Web Services. This step was inevitable and the retailer will try to implement the new payment method before its competitors and Amazon will profit from it. The investor states eBay is also planning to introduce payments in cryptocurrencies.

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October 28, 2017

Обычно говорят: ” Выпустили джина из бутылки…” , в данном случае “джина” напрочь упаковали в блокчеин и он там отлично приживается , да так,что весь мир удивляется его уникальной способности проявлять себя в разных сферах жизнедеятельности…

November 2, 2017

Это точно…. наступила новая эра прорывных технологий! И компания PLC GROUP AG не отстаёт от жизни, культивируя полезность этой ниши.

December 4, 2017

Компания Platin Genesis DMCC действительно на верном пути. В своей платформе она объединяет все необходимое для ведения бизнеса в новых условиях. Это так важно на заре развития цифровых технологий .