Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance will add support for fiat trading. Speaking at the Open Innovations 2019 forum in Moscow, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that the Russian ruble would be the first fiat currency to be supported by the platform.

At the event, Zhao also expressed his attitude towards the cryptocurrency market:

‘The attitude towards cryptocurrencies differs by country. A cryptocurrency is a network, a protocol that can’t turn you down. And you can make as many transactions as you want and work wherever you want. These two aspects will power new economies.’

Support for the ruble will be added in several weeks. It is also quite likely that a new subsidiary of Binance will appear on the Russian market – earlier this year, several sources

shared information about the company’s plans to open exchanges under other jurisdictions, including Russia. The list also includes Singapore, Malta, South Korea, Lichtenstein, Turkey, and Argentina.