On July 27 and 28 Colombia hosted the Bitcoin Fest Mundial. Unlike the numerous official crypto forums run this summer, the Bitcoin Fest is not just a conference of the crypto market’s participants. This event could not but turn into a sparkling festival for the passionate Latin Americans.

Last year, this festival ran for the first time in Peru with the organisers primarily aiming to promote crypto technologies on the continent. The event elicited such an enthusiastic response that it became an annual one.

The Colombian city of Medellin was the capital of the Bitcoin Fest Mundial 2018. On July 27 and 28 it welcomed renowned cryptocurrency figures – entrepreneurs, investors, developer and journalists. During the festival, San Fernando Plaza hotel became an exhibition centre for new products and a presentation venue.

The participants showed the greatest interest in the people from Binance, one of the top crypto exchanges, presentations by the Dash cryptocurrency team and Alex Reinhardt’s speech in which he presented the ELVN crypto messenger.

The Bitcoin Fest Mundial in Colombia was the fourth crypto forum to witness ELVN’s premiere presentation this summer. And we were very nervous, of course. Because the people of Latin America differ from the reserved public we have already won over in Moscow, Berlin and London. They react promptly and swiftly, so if their first impressions had not been very positive, changing them for the better would have been a challenge.

But fortunately for us, quite a few of the Bitcoin Fest Mundial’s guests fell in love with the crypto messenger at first sight. Their joy and admiration was genuine and we have found a lot of friends in Latin America.