Air France airlines plans to implement the technology of the distributed register in its work. For this matter the company conducted an agreement with Microsoft corporation and Ramco Aviation, a firm developing platforms for air jets technical maintenance. The representatives of Air France mean the blockchain can be used in passenger aircraft service due to its transparency, safety and stability. Until then the technology will be used only in this segment. The air carrier has a very important task to digitalize all necessary documents. After digitization Air France will consider the possibility to implement blockchain in other areas.

Viber has released a big update. Now it has such functions like mass mailing and the possibility of replying to an exact message. Moreover users can now fix a post in from of a banner in a group chat. The new updates Viber with a number of improvements is now available for iOS and Android owners.

Rolls-Royce is now cooperating with Google in order to create a smart system for navigation. The platform will be based on cloud technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It will help ship teams navigate the sea, detect what is going on around them in order to avoid bumping against other vessels. The developers consider it to increase the security and efficiency of maritime business.