The executive body of European Union announced the work on a blockchain platform for storage and exchange of data of stock registered companies. The platform based on decentralization is meant for safe and transparent collection of data of companies from national databanks. It became known already in April that EU is financing creation of an “observatory” where developers will test innovative technologies for state sector.

Internet giant Facebook integrated trade platform called Marketplace to the social network. The tool was previously launched in seven countries of America and this week Marketplace was launched in 17 european countries too. The platform allows to its users to place private ads free of charge. The representatives of Facebook see as a big plus the idea that buyer can previously study seller’s profile. And it increases the level of trust.

The developer of different blockchain solutions Blockstream announced the launch of an extraordinary project allowing to connect everyone on the planet. The details are being kept secret but the media suggests the project will be connected to the launch of blockchain technology through satellites.

Company representative posted a video to his Twitter account showing that despite the development of high technologies many people still have problems with access to internet and digital benefits. Blockstream compare itself with SpaceX company trying to colonize other planets. Users express different guesses about the nature of the project, the main guess is that the satellites will serve as peculiar engines for the decentralized network operation.

That will allow to conduct transactions and execute operations without internet access. Blockstream does not reveal its plan but promises to share the details soon.