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Blockchain for Trump administration and SAP Cloud based on the internet of things

The issues of open data used in the work of the government of the country were discussed during the conference called Data Transparency conducted recently in Washington. The representatives of Trump administration were speaking at the event. They made it clear that blockchain is now one the priority technologies for the government. The distributed register plays an important role in the American political strategy and the White House pays particular attention to this direction. In particular the officials explained how blockchain helps to fight cyber criminals and fraud. The artificial intelligence was also mentioned as a promising technology.

Accenture consulting company has obtained a product certification for its new development: a blockchain which blocks can be edited. Despite the numerous critics that this novelty totally deprives the technology of the main benefit the developers are confident their invention is useful. In accordance to the developers the data will be encrypted with a key accessible by all the chain members. And if necessary a mistake can be corrected but only upon the approval of the entire group. Accenture is expecting the invention to be on demand among IT companies.

SAP, the european software manufacturer plans to launch a platform called SAP Cloud based on the distributed register and the internet of things. The platform will be designed to manage supply chains. The service will allow to prove the authenticity of goods, to control orders and storage leftovers as well as to trace delivery. Members will be able to trace all processes inside the blockchain system and that will dramatically simplify and accelerate all working stages. SAP SE is cooperating with several international IT companies and it helps to develop new business models of the implementation of advanced technologies.

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November 1, 2017

Новости о широком внедрении и использовании Блокчейна в различных областях жизни общества подтверждают , что человечество вступило в новую эпоху цифровых технологий .

November 2, 2017

В очередной раз убеждаюсь, что я работаю в том направлении, мимо которого нельзя пройти!

November 2, 2017

Ну, если уж представители администрации Дональда Трампа заявляют, что одна из приоритетных технологий для правительства сейчас — это блокчейн, то мы , явно впереди планеты всей со своей инновационной технологией гибридного блокчейна! Мы живем в эпоху перехода мировой экономики в мир цифровых технологий , а в криптосистеме PLATINCOIN впечатляющий качественный, инновационный и, в то же время, массовый продукт, доступный каждому человеку, даже, если он не владеет специальными знаниями!.