The leading Russian universities can add a Blockchain course to the curriculum. The offer was made by German Greff, the head of Sberbank. He emphasized that Russia does not need any assistance from the other countries, it is enough to establish high school training programs and to grow own experts. German Gref also underlined, state regulation in this area should be very cautious. The legislation is to assist the development of technologies and should not push startups abroad.

The German bank Commerzbank plans to optimize trade finance processes using Blockchain. The main goal of the project is to develop more modern and technological services for supply chain management. The representative of the bank said, that the company is working on several projects with other international banks.

The bank already participated in commercial tests of Blockchain together with such financial institutions like ABN Amro, ING and KBC. Commerzbank is one of the leading corporate banks, that’s why its particular attention is given to supply chain management. Blockchain might help improve and optimize lot of processes.

The Japanese financial and technological sector is evolving rapidly. The agency of financial services of Japan announced the launch of so-called financial and technological hub, which will support startups in mastering new technologies. Many companies face legal and other difficulties and this financial and technological hub will help determine and solve such problems.

The hub will also include testing of Blockchain technologies, this is aimed to create new solutions for the financial and technological sector. The agency will act as middle-man between startups and banks, because it cooperates with Japanese bank association.