The financial giant Visa announced the creation of a B2B-platform based on the technology of blockchain. B2B Connect will help perform international transactions safe and quick and with no intermediaries. The project also involves American, Philippine, South Korean and Singaporean banks. They test beta version of the new service. Next year the platform will be available for other Visa corporate clients.

Microsoft is working on the development of a fundamentally new desktop for Windows 10. Despite the fact that experts consider the latest operating system to be a failure, the corporation expects to increase its popularity and make the CShell desktop universal. In accordance to insider data, it is built from three modules that will be integrated with gadgets and support additional functions like VR for instance. It is still not known, when the company will present the development to the general public.

Facebook developers have released Creator application for the ones constantly working with video content. It will help users not only create and edit videos, but also conduct live broadcasts. The application has different borders, stickers and screensavers available for video editing. Creator has also analytic function: you can see the number of times your video has been watched and users activity. According to western media Facebook plans to attract YouTube users and video bloggers. The application is already available in App Store. Soon it should become available in Google Play too.