American corporation Xerox, the world leader in production of copy machines created a new product based on the technology of the distributed register. The company applied to the US Patent Office. Its new method can digitally verify documents and other data. The project Proof of Existence connects the authorship to a certain period of time and uses both open and private versions of blockchain. According of media Xerox already developed a special device for this solution.

IT giant Google has updated cameras for Street View service. Instead of 15 recording devices now it uses only 8 and they transfer a picture of a better quality and help artificial intelligence. Two cameras are located on the roof of a car in the way they see shop signboards, windows, house numbers. AI requires this information in order to be able to recognize pictures and apply data for improvement quality of search. Due to the new system you can learn for instance if there is a pizza delivery opposite your house or what is the name of the shop on the crossroad.

In accordance to media WhatsApp is planning monetization. The developers are considering new application for large business owners with paid functions and communication tools. The service will become more functional and comfortable for client management and companies will have to pay for that. There will be also a new platform for small and medium business and it shall be free-of-charge for a while.