Coinspeaker, the largest online media outlet covering crypto currencies, has released a full review of the PLATINCOIN project! The author explains what the PLATINCOIN ecosystem consists of, how our blockchain works and how to get a 30% passive income by using PLATINCOIN-tools. The author also mentions the extraordinary events of 2020 - our listing at the Bithumb Global Exchange, Alex Reinhardt's presentation at CHAIN 2020 Conference and new PLATINCOIN product launches.

Coinspeaker’s global monthly readership averages half a million people. The interest of such a major media player in our project is yet another proof of its quality and market recognition. Especially for PLATINCOIN’s partners, we have translated the article from English into all languages used in our community. 

Despite the fact that year after year we re-evaluate our past experience, we can definitely say that 2013 was the year of Bitcoin, 2017-18 was the ICO era, and 2019 was marked by an interest in DeFi. DeFi applications make the process of generating income from cryptocurrencies easy and simple, but the most exciting thing is that they make the dream of passive income from cryptocurrencies a reality.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the most promising paths to passive income, which does not require the banks services at all. Therefore, the blockchain community pays great interest to companies offering this type of investment.

One of these startups is PLATINCOIN, which is a digital ecosystem that includes a network of crypto ATMs and e-Commerce stores, where payments are made with tokens in order to identify economic agents and accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.

The PLATINCOIN crypto was the first to be developed for creating a source of passive income, for mass use as a payment instrument, and for trading on international exchanges. The PLATINCOIN ecosystem already includes half a million users worldwide, to whom the company offers more than 10 high-tech products and services.

PLATINCOIN recently placed its PLC token on one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges Bithumb Global. According to the company’s official statement, PLATINCOIN plans to broaden its community to 5 million people in 2020. The company considers entering the Asian market to be one of the most important steps towards this goal.

PLATINCOIN co-founder Alex Reinhardt believes that Asia presents the greatest opportunities for the mass adoption of blockchain-based products. PLATINCOIN supports this implementation by building an infrastructure that includes a mini-computer for mining PLC Secure Box, ATM cryptomats for exchanging PLC to fiat, PoS-terminals, an online marketplace, a payment system and a crypto exchange.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the PLATINCOIN vending machine, the company installed it in the lobby of the largest educational blockchain and AI event CHAIN2020.

The PLATINCOIN blockchain rewards network coin holders daily through proof-of-stake technology. Coins of the network are issued using minting. This is a type of coin mining, in which users’ smartphones are connected to the blockchain with the help of special software called “Power MINTER”. With this soft, anyone can get a stable return of 30% per year from their coins. In addition, the company provides a 3-year 100% refund guarantee for Power MINTER equipment.