The company Sidewalk Labs which belongs to Alphabet corporation together with Google plans to build a smart city. Most probably is will be a smart quarter in some existing city. Sidewalk Labs will create there an innovational city surrounding showing how to improve the quality of life and simultaneously decrease impact on the environment. Advanced technologies will affect infrastructure, transportation, management and social area. It is still not known where the experiment will take place. Now company representatives are looking for suitable environment.

In Russia a biotechnological blockchain platform called Arna Panacea will be created for medical researches. It will be created by the company called Arna Genomics developing new methods of cancer testings. According to the company representatives the biotechnological researches take away time vitally important for patients so the industry needs a platform where all participants could track tests results in a real time mode.

It gives you an understanding how one or another technology works before it will be officially released. A blockchain service will be a safe storage of data on cancer disease. Not only doctors but also patients and pharmaceutical companies can use it.

WikiLeaks released data from stalking Russians. New serie of documents refers to cyber espionage executed by Russian secret services. According to the information of WikiLeaks a St-Petersburg based company called “Peter-Service”, a developer of telecommunication solutions, provides intelligence units with subscribers data. Company clients are the biggest Russian mobile operators. State organs receives from “Peter-Service” phone records, IP-addresses, web visitor data in exchange to favorable conditions. WikiLeaks claims it is only the first part of the serie called “Russian spy documents”.