Uber is about to issue its own credit cards. The transportation service is working on the project together with Barclays bank and Visa payment system. Uber users will be approved to receive a limitless card in the application for a few minutes. Wherein you can use a virtual card or get a physical one per post. Uber came up with several options of lending rates as well as different client bonuses, for instance, cashbacks when ordering in online stores and paying bills in restaurants.

Amazon has surprised its clients with a new service. Now the courier can deliver the goods even when the owners are not at home. For that purpose a client has to purchase for 250 dollars a set called Amazon Key includes the mobile application, smart lock and web camera. A customer is notified on his smartphone via the application that the courier has arrived and gives him access to the smart lock. The entire process can be traced through a security camera so it helps prevent the theft. The system can be used to let in your friends or cleaning services. Starting from November the service will be available in 37 American cities.

A studio of mixed reality called Microsoft Reactor was recently opened in San Francisco. Seven years the corporation was working on this project by collecting content in different areas. Creative agencies, employees of creative industries and developers can use the services of the studio. The corporation promises a very wide range of formats, from the standard 2D to VR with full immersion effect. Microsoft Reactor will also offer seminars, hakathons and master-classes for professionals.

Twitter reported a significant growth during the last six months. After a prolonged decline the number of users of the social media has grown up by 4 million people. In the same time the revenues of the service declined by 4% but Twitter representatives consider it as a positive trend because last year the revenues were 5 times lower. Now the number of monthly platform users has reached the point of 3300 million users.