At the end of June, Bitcoin hit its annual high of $13,770. As of this writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at $10,055.

Bitcoin is enjoying a new peak of popularity. The number of search queries for the word “bitcoin” has reached its 17-month high. The highest interest in the market is shown by residents of Brazil, Nigeria and the USA. Over the past week, the biggest interest was recorded in the Sao Jose dos Campus in Brazil followed by Caxias do Sul, a city in the south of the country. The two Brazilian cities were followed by Benin City in the south of Nigeria, which came in third.

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However, if we look at the 30-day time interval, the picture will be different. Ranking first by the number of search queries will be Nigerian Lagos followed by German Munich and Austrian capital Vienna. Ranking fourth and fifth are Los Angeles in California and Yonkers in upstate New York.

Analytics attributed the new surge of interest with the launch of Libra by Facebook. Immediately after the announcement of the new cryptocurrency and whitepaper publication, the number of search queries for the word “bitcoin” increased.

Crypto Industry News Digest

The number of transactions in Ethereum networks hits its annual high

Along with growing interest in Bitcoin, the number of transactions in the network of the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum is growing. The number of transactions in the network has reached 1 million per day. The last time such values were recorded was in May 2018.

According to Etherscan, on Friday, June 28, there were 1,004,170 transactions made in the network of this world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization:

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Binance to launch bitcoin futures

The platform will be launched within the next few months. No exact date has been set yet, but the simulation of the future platform will be launched in 2 weeks. It was announced by Changpeng Zhao at Asia Blockchain Sammit.


Bitcoin futures will be available on the platform immediately after the launch. In the course of time, the number of available assets will be increased. The maximum leverage size for Bitcoin Futures contracts available on the platform will be x20.

G20 and cryptocurrencies: regulation is the main issue

G20 (19 countries and the European Union) adopted FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) recommendations on cryptocurrency market regulation. One of the points in the new requirements is that exchanges will have to collect user data and exchange information. FATF has also noted that the cryptocurrency market does not pose a threat to the global banking system at the moment.

This approach was criticized by the former FATF President Roger Wilkins. He fears that the new recommendations may result in most cryptocurrency transactions being made on uncontrolled platforms.

Tron planning to buy back $20 million worth of its coins

The developers’ goal is to limit the TRX market offer and increase their price. It was stated in the plan presented by Tron Foundation, a non-profit organization. The program is scheduled to last for one year. It will be conducted in several batches.


We will conduct by far the largest TRX buyback plan with the widest coverage in the secondary market, which will last for a year and will be conducted in several batches with no less than $20 million,” wrote Tron CEO Justin Sun.

According to the community, the token is currently highly underestimated.

Bitmex derivatives exchange sets two new records

Bitmex has set two new records: daily trading volume has reached $5 billion and open positions worth $ 16 billion have been recorded. According to CoinMarketCap, BitMEX total trading volume in the XBT/USD pair reached more than $ 5 billion in the last 24 hours, i.e. over 18% of the total bitcoin trading volume of $27 billion.