The biggest news story of the past week was the postponed Ethereum Constantinople hardfork. You can read about the changes this event will bring in our publication. The hardfork was scheduled for the beginning of the past week, but got postponed due a newly discovered critical vulnerability. At first, it was postponed indefinitely, but by the end of the week, the developers decided on the date: the hardfork will take place around February 27 on block #7 280 000. The hardfork will be studied by a new ETC Labs Core team. It will improve Ethereum Classic 1045 enabling the integration of Byzantium and Constantinople updates into the ETC network.

EOS network’s transaction volume on the rise.

Last week, EOS cryptocurrency led in the number of transactions. By comparison, the transaction volume on the Ethereum network is twice as low. Tron indicators are also twice as low.

Binance makes top news

The first news involving Binance is not altogether positive: Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, reported a security breach. Some time later, the missing funds were found on the Binance exchange.

Furthermore, during the past week, Binance launched a fiat-to-crypto exchange in the island of Jersey focused on Europe and Great Britain. Journalists have found a document specifying the jurisdictions where Binance is planning to launch fiat exchanges. Such platforms will operate using Binance technologies, but as separately established legal entities. Binance is planning to launch its activities in Malta and Singapore in 2019.

Belarus launches a licensed exchange

Belarus has launched cryptocurrency exchange as part of its High Technologies Park. Cryptocurrencies bought on the exchange can be paid for using both fiat money (US dollars, euro, Belarussian or Russian rubles) and cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and Bitcoin).

Bitcoin mining difficulty increases once again

Overnight into January 14, Bitcoin mining difficulty indicator grew by 5%.

Mining difficulty is a network parameter indicating the complexity level of performing mathematical calculations to generate a new block and receive a reward.

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