Criptocurrency is now coming even into the movies. A feature film entitled «Crypto» starring Beau Knapp, Kurt Russel and Luke Hemsworth is expected to be released soon. The story unfolds in New York with Beau playing a young agent working for a cryptocurrency anti-fraud service. Kurt Russel plays his father and Luke Hemsworth plays his brother, who are trying to make ends meet maintaining the family farm. Conceived as a thriller, the film will immerse the viewers in the world of crime and shadow business. Despite its crime theme, argues Jordan Levine, the film producer, the film, on the whole, carries positive thoughts. The producer also expressed his hope that cryptocurrencies would for a long time be part of the life of modern society.

The Eastern Economic Forum will be held in the Amur Region’s city of Vladivostok (RF) to discuss the development of political, economic and cultural ties between Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region. To show the results of the work done, and attract the attention of the forum guests, the Amur Region will present its own crypto currency — AmurCoin. In the run-up to the event, the region issued 1 million coins created by developers from Moscow and the Amur Region using the WAVES platform. The forum visitors will be offered to measure the number of steps taken by them during the forum using a pedometer in their phones or fitness bracelets and exchange them for AmurCoins and then buy items such as honey, souvenirs, ice cream. The coins can also be used to pay for the visitor’s hotel rooms. The coin will live on after the forum: the region’s authorities are hoping it will help them to encourage foreign investment in various social projects.

Toronto is on its way to building a «smart neighbourhood» called Quayside. The new neighbourhood will be designed by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet. The buildings in the neighbourhood are proposed to be built of timber and connected by underground utility lines. They will have environmentally friendly roofs with trees planted on them. Most houses will not exceed 19 storeys, but the project envisions much taller buildings of 42 and 50 storeys as well. Transportation service in Quayside streets will be provided by modern unmanned vehicles. There will be trees growing along the roads. The roads will also be smart and multi-purpose: parts of them will be heated during the winter and the melted snow will be used to «water» the trees. The full site development plan is scheduled to be presented by next spring.