Tesla is developing its own chip for unmanned vehicles together with the electronic manufacturer AMD. Before that the company cooperated with the software developer Mobileye. But after the death of the driver who switched on the autopilot on the Tesla S model and had a car accident, the company canceled all the greement with the provider. New processor for the artificial intelligence with be better and will and would obviate the need to refer to the third parties. Western media states the chip is being tested now.

The parliament of the Russian Federation announced a start of the open competition. Anyone can participate in it who understand advanced technologies. The winner shall present a survey on blockchain development, ICO and cryptocurrencies and the more important is, he shall evaluate potential risks and suggest protective measures. The participants shall think over the international experience of the use of the financial technologies. This survey will be the base for new russian legislation in this area. The budget for this initiative is set to 2,5 million rubles.

Masks, a popular Instagram tool is now available during live broadcasting. Before that the feature was available for stories only. Now the users can put on different masks live. The update will be released worldwide next week.