Ethereum developers presented their plans for a system update that will be part of switching from PoW to PoS. The update will be called Hybrid Casper Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG). The developers believe that taking into account slow operations, a huge power consumption of PoW and the growing popularity of ASIC mining chips the transition to PoS is necessary in the shortest possible time. It will become the biggest Etherium update and will change the mining principle of this cryptocurrency. Under the usage of PoW protocol miners compete with each other for checking transactions and receive a reward for every successful check. With PoS system every user who has coins on his account will receive a monetary reward from each generated block in accordance with his account.

Great Britain has introduced a truck with an engine working only by burning hydrogen. The model was named Volvo FH16. ULEMCo was working on its development. This is an excellent alternative to electric motors. The harmful emissions from the operation of this engine are minimal, the power is 300 hp, and the full tank is enough for 300 km. The developers believe that their truck will have a competitive advantage over Tesla trucks. The tank with hydrogen takes up much less space than the batteries for electric motors. That means the truck can carry more cargo. Hydrogen engines are not just cheaper than electric motors, but also make possible modifications from conventional serial trucks!

Scientists from the University of California created a prototype of a nanofilm that is capable of turning the heat generated by the technology into electricity. This is not the first device that can produce electricity due to the difference in temperature. The oven called JikoPower has long been able to charge the smartphone while its owner roasted meat or baked cake. But such a device could work with temperatures above 100 ° C. Nanofilms are capable of catching the difference of lower temperatures. The hour of operation of a cubic centimeter of such a nanofilm will give an electric charge to a hand dryer for 15 minutes of work, allow to heat up a diner in a microwave and to boil water in the electric kettle.