Facebook changes its requirements to the formats of publications. Starting from 15th of September it will not be allowed to promote 17 content types. For instance, advertisers will not be able to boost posts with profile pic changes, maps and restaurants check-ins, sport events announcements. Facebook representatives note all listed formats were rarely used and inefficient. The social network is calling for beyond the box methods and new advertising formats.

The start-up Neuralink belonging to Elon Musk has attracted 27 million dollars. The information was published by american media after research of documentation of Securities Commission. The company Neuralink started year ago and it is working of development and implantation of neurological interfaces, which connect human brain with a computer, improve people feasibilities and also assist in treatments of brain disorders. According to media 12 investors are interested in the start-up but their names are not disclosed. Neuralink representatives rejected to give any comments.

In the first half of September the US government will host a seminar on blockchain. During this seminar the participants will address blockchain security and transparency issues as well as discuss an opportunity to engage the technology to the state matters. The government is calling to participate IT companies linked to innovations and hi-tech. Companies can share their experience of using blockchain and offer solutions for state function improvement. US government hopes to create its own development plan based on that.