Britain consulting company Juniper Research has checked who is the leader on the market of blockchain developments. Now there are hundreds of IT-companies working in this area, but respondents including top managers of big technological brands put IBM corporation on the first place.

Second place was taken by Microsoft. This year IBM conducted several dozens of contracts for cloud technologies provision and development of platforms based on the distributed register for a wide variety of areas. Moreover the corporation is leading blockchain consortium combining several world retail chains.

The retailer Amazon plans to issue a smart glasses with a voice assistant Alexa built in. A user can give commands and listen to the answers of the assistant without any headphones. Smart glasses will transmit the sound with vibrations going through a human body. The company led by Babak Parviz, one of the founders of Google Glass, is working on the device development. According to media the company will present the novelty already end of this year.

The Apple corporation has published an interesting opening in the department of work with the virtual assistant Siri. The company is looking for a developer with deep knowledge not only in machine learning but also in psychology. Apple representatives note that the smartphone owners increasingly address Siri in crisis situations so the assistant needs to learn emotional intelligence. In the future Siri will be able to have important conversations, help find solutions to difficult situations, respond adequately to complaints and user’s bad mood.