Google IT-corporation, Ford concern and VR studio Happy Finish create together an application which shall decrease the number of road accidents due to smartphones. Ford Reality Check reality simulation recreates road situations and in the same time bothers a driver with calls, messages, messenger and social networks notifications leading to car accidents. Ford is trying to draw attention to the problem when drivers get distracted by gadgets. First users of the application insist that they changed their views concerning the driving behaviour. The platform will be soon available for everyone in Google Play Store.

One of Swiss universities started to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Until then students of the Lucerne University of applied sciences can pay for their study in bitcoins. Digital assets will be daily converted in fiat money and all risks related to cryptocurrency fluctuations will take the partner of the University, the startup Bitcoin Suisse AG.

Facebook plans to integrate Apple Music in its messenger. Users subscribed to a musical service will be able to find tracks, forward them to friends, create playlists and search for mood music. 30-seconds fragments of the songs will be available for those who do not have a subscription yet.