IT Corporation Google plans to buy out HTC, the producer of mobile gadgets. All details of the deal are not disclosed. The companies previously conducted a partnership agreement. It resulted in a line of devices Nexus and Pixel. It is not clear yet if Google will merge HTC or invest in its development.

The government of the Swiss city called Chiasso announced its citizen will be able to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies starting from the next year. This is a second city of Switzerland making such an experiment. Zug is the first one and it is held for the capital of crypto industry. The municipality of Chiasso expects to attract even more fintech and blockchain startups. Moreover the city will set up a non-commercial fund for business support. Its participants will hold regular meetings dedicated to the blockchain technology and digital assets.

Russia may face a law regulating crytocurrencies till December 2017. The Russian Ministry of Finance reported that. It is considered individuals must be allowed freely to purchase and sale cryptocurrencies but market rules should be defined very strictly. It is assumed, the process of a digital asset purchase will look like a purchase of federal loan bonds.