This week total cryptocurrencies market capitalization has updated its historical maximum. It exceeded the target of 150 billion dollars. In the last few weeks almost all digital assets has grown from 5 to 50% of their price.

IBM Corporation has founded and is leading the consortium combining 10 big world retailers. The most famous among them are Unilever, Nestle and Walmart. The goal of the consortium is to create a blockchain platform for delivery process optimization.

Companies are sure that the new service will help not only to improve logistic but also to collect data on producers, quality and origin of goods. The platform on the distributed register can detect poor quality goods or contaminated products what will protect the buyers and the companies from reputational risks. Service testing is about to begin soon.

Ad Sim, the entrepreneur and investor has founded the project called Fabric Foundry. It is a large-scale accelerator of startups working with Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. IBM corporation became a partner of the platform. Sim believes few startups based on that technology need support and development.

In order to participate in Fabric Foundry companies have to undergo a special selection procedure and after that a 2-months training. After that a startup is granted with a capital for the initial idea realization. Now the founders are looking for options for projects financing.