The star of today’s interview is our DIamond partner Peter Bissegger from Switzerland. Peter shared his story of joining the company and talked about the difficulties he’s encountered at work, his goals for the future, and how to approach failure and disappointment in a productive way.

Hi Peter! Tell us, when and how did you join PLATINCOIN?

I first learned about PLC in 2018, and I’ve been working with the company since then. I’m from Switzerland, and many partners live here, which is a great thing.

Why did you decide to join PLATINCOIN? Why did you choose this particular company?

Oh, that's a long story! My best friend invited me to join PLATINCOIN. I only agreed for his sake - he was very determined, and he convinced me that I wouldn’t regret it! So I joined him at one of the business presentations, but at that point I still had many doubts. I thought that all this wasn’t for me: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, technologies... I sat there, listening and not understanding a single thing.

However, my friend insisted that I register, he said I didn’t have anything to lose. So I did. It took me 2 years to understand everything and recognize the opportunities I had been missing this entire time! So I only started actively working quite recently, but I’m already convinced that ANYTHING is possible with PLC. Today, I’m sincerely grateful to  my friend and sponsor Thomas Spiss for insisting that I join his team. It was the best decision in my life!

Did you have any experience in network marketing before PLATINCOIN?

Yes, and more than once. True, it was all very negative, with the loss of six-digit figures, so to speak. But even this negative experience had its advantages, since I learned a lot, and now I no longer trust these people and companies. Perhaps that’s why I was skeptical about PLC in the beginning, and I didn’t take it seriously right away. But PLATINCOIN has passed all my tests, despite my scrutiny, research and skepticism.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you’ve worked with in the past?

First of all, PLC is transparent, open, with real projects that offer real benefits. I spent a lot of time trying to figure everything out, studying everything, until I was convinced. PLATINCOIN never makes promises they can’t deliver, provides all the necessary tools, opportunities, and training. The company is not only honest, but also stable, as it has existed for many years. In my opinion, there are plenty of differences here!

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

My main goal is to reach the Blue Diamond rank. And then, step by step, I want to become a Black Diamond. In general, I want to grow professionally. At the moment my team is rather small,  only 37 people, but I am very inspired to keep going. Moreover, PLATINCOIN has given me many new business acquaintances and friends. I have great potential!

What is the most difficult thing in your work?

Probably finding and attracting new partners. I’m used to it now, but it was very difficult at first. With the exception of four partners, all my team members were cold contacts. Sadly, I lost all my old contacts from another MLM business, so now this is the only way - through social networks, calls, events. Despite many troubles and dozens of refusals, I continue to do my job.

What was the most memorable event at PLATINCOIN?

A personal meeting with Alex a few days ago, during a training in Graz. During the training, I received a message that I had just reached the Diamond rank. My joy doubled because I reached this rank on THIS particular day.

Have you ever experienced any disappointments? If so, how did you deal with them?

If you’re asking whether I was ever disappointed in the company, then no, never. If you're talking about disappointment in general, then yes, of course, because disappointment is an integral part of life. What matters is how you react to it. I've learned to always look for positive aspects everywhere, and I usually manage to find them. If I’m ever disappointed, I always say, "Thank you." Why? It's simple: if someone disappoints you, thank him. After all, disappointment is the end of delusion! Better now than never.

Which team members are you proud of?

Everyone who trusted and followed me. Without a strong team, you can never succeed in any business.

What about competition? Do you experience it at PLATINCOIN? Does it motivate you?

Of course, there is some competition, which is a good thing. This is really my main motivation, but there is another one: the experience of my upline sponsors and other partners. Here I would like to especially thank Gunther Leidelmeier, who is always ready to provide support to anyone who asks for it. At PLATINCOIN, you never have to handle problems or misunderstandings on your own - you can always get help and training from others. And that’s great!