The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Mbemba Gassama from Italy. He has told us all about the start of his journey with PLATINCOIN, why you can never give up, and he also shared his most memorable moments with the company. Mbemba Gassama definitely has an interesting story to share! 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you join PLATINCOIN?

I’m originally from West Africa, namely from Senegal, but since 1993 I’ve been living in Milan, Italy. In September 2021, I reached the Blue Diamond rank, which was a huge achievement for me. I joined PLATINCOIN because I had always been interested in technologies and cryptocurrencies in particular. This interest intensified in 2017, when new cryptocurrencies and innovations began to emerge. Even then, I was already exploring them, I wanted to understand how they worked, but the results weren’t the best. This continued until I accidentally met my sponsor when I stumbled upon an advertisement during my trip to Switzerland.

So you found out about PLATINCOIN from an ad?

Yes, can you believe it! I was in Switzerland one morning at the end of October (back then, I was living on the border with Italy and I went to Switzerland for gasoline). While drinking my coffee, I saw an advertisement with a photo of a safe on the notice board of a gas station — my future sponsor Aris Santi was looking for potential partners. I immediately sent him a message on Whatsapp, and within an hour, we had our first telephone interview. Then I received a series of informational documents about a company that happened to be based in Zug. About a month later, I met Aris in person at the PLATINCOIN presentation in Milan. This was in December 2018, and the event was hosted by one of the upline partners from Germany. That same evening (December 12, 2018, as I remember now!) I became a member of PLATINCOIN: I registered and immediately invited 2 partners. This is how I started my great adventure with PLATINCOIN, which radically changed my life and continues to this day.

Which opportunities did you get thanks to PLATINCOIN?

First of all, I deepened my knowledge of blockchain technology, because it supports the flagship Secure Box product, of which I am the proud owner.

Did you have any experience with network marketing before PLATINCOIN?

Of course, I had worked with about ten small network marketing projects, but none of them had produced impressive results. But these projects helped me to study this area well, learn how to sell, recruit and gave me hope that one day I would find a worthy network company that would meet all my expectations. And so it happened.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects where you have worked before?

First of all, PLATINCOIN is a very transparent company that puts its community at the center of the project. And it’s also a meritocracy — those who work hard get what they deserve. Here, the rules of the game are the same for everyone, but conditions improve over time if you keep working. Opportunities for learning, creating a passive income, travel, meeting new business associates — all this makes PLATINCOIN the best company on the market.

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

 My biggest goal was to write my story in this great community and, above all, to help everyone in my structure do the same. We are only at the beginning of a project that will exist for many years to come. I am looking forward to the adventures that await us!

How many people are in your structure now?

There are currently almost 1000 people in my team, scattered across different countries in Europe and Africa. But my team is growing every day, and we have already reached an international and even intercontinental scale.

What is your most significant achievement at PLATINCOIN?

Many people answer this question with their rank, but personally I am particularly proud of the internal transformation I experienced thanks to the company. My professional vision has become much clearer, I have reached a new level of personal growth, achieving both personal and group goals. All this is not only due to my perseverance, but also due to the stability of the company. Everyone here has a lot of enthusiasm!

Did you experience any difficulties in your work?

Yes, it happened. In 2019, I had to start building a team from scratch after the bitter disappointments associated with previous activities and people. It was a painful fall, but I got up, even if it's never easy, even for a tough guy like me.

What was your most memorable moment at PLATINCOIN?

Undoubtedly, when I got the Diamond rank in January 2021. This strengthened my belief that PLATINCOIN would be the company that would help me realize my dream of absolute financial freedom.

Have you experienced any funny moments?

The funny thing, as for me, is that my closest people, who called PLATINCOIN a scam, now idolize this company together with me and thank fate for finally starting to make good money thanks to the company. I like to show people my success with PLATINCOIN, my personal self-realization, and see their surprise, and sometimes even envy. This is really funny.

Have you had any disappointments? If so, how did you handle them?

There were some misconceptions associated with negative perceptions of MLM companies in general, and about all sponsorship systems. But with courage, resilience, and good marketing strategies, anyone can shatter any prejudice and achieve their goals. After all, it's enough to just smile and keep doing your thing — no disappointment is worth stopping.

Are there people on your team that you are particularly proud of?

I am very proud of J. Diom from France, Lilia from London and, of course, Jeannot from Congo. All these people are real leaders who never stop promoting PLATINCOIN and working for the common good. I encourage them to continue in this spirit, because "success comes to those who work for it."

Do you encourage competition in your team? Does it help you? And what about the experience of higher-level partners?

"Healthy" competition stimulates ambitious people, makes them go beyond their capabilities and outside their comfort zone. I never expected to achieve such results just two years ago, and perhaps this is largely due to competition. Other people's experience is also invaluable in our work. I have to mention my sponsor Aris Santi, who devoted a lot of his personal time to showing me various business development strategies and deepening my knowledge together. I will always be grateful to him for that and for bringing me to PLATINCOIN.