The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner from Mongolia, Oyuntungalag Lunden. He shared his method of choosing partners and building his team, his top tips for achieving success, and an overview of training within his team. 

How did you hear about PLATINCOIN? Why did you decide to join?

It was all thanks to my old friend and sponsor, Alekh. One day, he told me that he had found a company with a wealth of opportunities and enormous assets. At that time, he already had some experience in network marketing, like me, so I trusted his opinion (after all, he had plenty of experience). This is how I also became a part of PLATINCOIN. I really liked Platin Hero, Alex Reinhardt’s new project, as well as the Smart Contract technology. In my opinion, these are the company’s best products! They finally convinced me that I made the right choice, and that PLATINCOIN will become the driving force of the cryptocurrency world in the future.

You mentioned that you already had some experience in network marketing ... What kind? Why didn't the past networking company suit you?

Yes, my past experience has helped me a lot with PLC. That company’s products weren’t as profitable and effective as PLATINCOIN products. Their products weren’t very useful, and the organization wasn’t as transparent and easy to navigate. So the differences between my past network company and PLATINCOIN are obvious - it's literally night and day! But, as I said, that company gave me the experience that allowed me to achieve success at PLC.

What helps you in your work? What are your strengths, in your opinion?

Well, I learned a long time ago to ignore failure and stubbornly move forward. I recover quickly and easily when I get tired, but I never lose faith. This is largely thanks to my sponsor Alekh - he passed on his knowledge, inspired and helped me reach such tremendous heights at PLC. With his help, I learned to see the world from different angles, think positively, improved my communication skills and even mastered networking. My parents, I must say, also had a great influence on me - they were always very cheerful and active, qualities they instilled in me as well.

How do you build your team? Do you have any specific criteria for partners?

From my previous experience, I learned that the success of any business depends on partners. Therefore, I approach the choice of partners very responsibly, because this is another secret of success. That’s why I chose Ariuna as one of my partners, a wonderful woman who has already reached the Green Diamond rank.

And she has managed this great achievement despite the fact that she joined PLATINCOIN only on October 15 and started with an investment of 107 euros! I am very proud of her.

Teamwork is a whole culture. First of all, we choose people who are energetic and passionate about new ideas, because we must be on the same wavelength in order to achieve success. Any team can be compared to a house: if there is no solid foundation, the house will collapse, no matter how hard you try to support it. That’s why my first partners are very reliable, purposeful people - they are my foundation. Our team is generally known for its positivity and tenacity.

How do you organize training and motivation for your partners? What kind of relationship do you have with them?

We broadcast absolutely all relevant information through group chats, we regularly praise others for any successes and discuss what could be done even better to avoid mistakes, fix them, etc. Continuous learning is the key to success in any niche, not just network companies and businesses. Together with the team, we often attend webinars and trainings, share our experience with each other in correspondence or via Skype, learn to use new PLC products, etc. This is the only way to become a leader and reap all the related rewards. N. Burmaa, Narsaikhan, Turuunaa from Dornod, Lhagvadulam from Erdenet, Tserenbal from Darkhan - all these people became leaders thanks to team efforts, but I guarantee this list will continue growing!