The hero of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Tom Spiess from Austria. He talked about his team, his past disappointments, his previous experience, and why he decided to trust PLATINCOIN and the amazing results he’s achieved. 

Tell us how and when you joined PLATINCOIN. What made you choose this company? 

I joined PLATINCOIN in 2018, when my current sponsor told me about the company. I was really interested in the concept of the company, which promised unique new tools, excellent career prospects, and a completely different outlook on the future. And I have always loved trying new things and experimenting. I must say, PLATINCOIN didn’t disappoint my expectations.

Did you have any previous experience working with network companies? 

I did, but their products didn’t end up working as promised. They weren’t in high demand like PLATINCOIN products, they didn’t improve people’s lives or solve their problems. And these projects are always destined to fail, just like the companies that promote them. Anyway, I’m grateful for the experience.

Which opportunities did you get at PLATINCOIN, unlike these other companies?

More independence, both in terms of finance and in the choice of tools, approaches and actions. PLC is extremely different, this company is absolutely unique in the market. Making the world a better place, developing their own community, giving people unlimited earning opportunities — what other company offers these things? 

Tell us about your team. How many team members do you have at the moment? And what are your main goals?

There are currently 178 people in my structure, most of them personally invited by me. I am proud of all of them, my partners are very talented and diligent, we all work towards our common goal. And my main goal, and also the goal of all my partners, is complete financial independence. And, of course, I strive to achieve new ranks, but this is not a goal in itself. I’m sure everything will come over time.

What was your most memorable moment at PLATINCOIN?

Reaching higher ranks. It's always a small celebration — a meeting with my team, bonuses, gifts, and a general feeling of joy and pride from reaching another target.

Have you experienced any disappointments? If so, how did you deal with them?

It is normal to be disappointed in people, it’s only a matter of time before it happens. For example, you think that you can help them with PLC, make their life better, but they refuse to believe you and turn away, they don’t even appreciate your offer. This forced me to change, and I even broke off ties with many friends who disappointed me, but I still survived. Thanks to PLATINCOIN, I have a lot of new friends and acquaintances, so the most important thing is to never stop moving forward, no matter what! 

Do you experience any competition in PLATINCOIN? How does it affect you? Do you exchange experience with higher-level partners or is that impossible because of competition?

Of course, there’s some competition, as in any other area of ​​business. That’s why it’s a business — can you even imagine it without rivalry? Personally, I can’t. To some extent, this can distract you from the main tasks, instill uncertainty, but on the other hand, competition is an excellent motivator. But it doesn’t define everything! Experience is essential when it comes to learning. The company leaders hold webinars and share their experience with everyone, for which I am extremely grateful, because they have saved me from making many mistakes. In short, PLATINCOIN has everything you need for success, everything in moderation, and that's great!