The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Vinod Parmar from India. He currently has 1150+ people in his team, which has helped him achieve the highest standard of living for himself and his loved ones. Vinod told us the reasons for his success, how he started his journey with PLATINCOIN and what he is aiming to achieve.

When and how did you join PLATINCOIN?

I've only been with PLATINCOIN for a few years - I joined in May 2018 after my boss told me I could earn more than my office salary and go beyond my professional capabilities. I had no reason not to trust my boss, he’d always been a reliable person, besides, we’d worked together for a long time, but still I had my doubts for a long time.

What dispelled your doubts and convinced you to join the company?

Monitoring the company’s progress. For some time, I followed the development of PLATINCOIN. I wanted to make sure this wasn’t some kind of "one-day company" or, God forbid, a financial pyramid. So, I regularly watched new PLATINCOIN videos on YouTube, monitored the feedback from its participants, followed the PLC rate on the exchange, talked to my boss who was already building a career at PLATINCOIN in parallel with our main job. When the pandemic struck, I was once again convinced that I didn’t make a mistake in choosing PLATINCOIN. Not only was this company extremely stable, it was also very profitable. I think it was the main reason why my family survived the pandemic. And I’ll tell you even more than that! You might even say we raised our standard of living during this time. It was very difficult for everyone, but for us it was the happiest time in our lives.

Why? What exactly did you gain from working with PLATINCOIN? 

First of all, international travel, better education for my children, which I was finally able to provide. I also made many good friends, business contacts and acquaintances. I gained new knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and finance. And of course, my income has also significantly increased! 

How do you gain new knowledge and skills?

I regularly attend company events and webinars, speak at online meetings, communicate with company leaders and try to adopt their approaches and experience. This is my favorite part of my job - learning. You can’t get anywhere without education in the modern world. It’s a good thing that PLATINCOIN provides all the possibilities.

In your opinion, what sets PLATINCOIN apart from other companies? 

When I first joined PLATINCOIN, I already had some experience with network marketing, so I can confidently say that there are many differences. For example, many other projects were based on unnecessary or actually useless products. This caused me a lot of stress (after all, no one wants to "sell" unnecessary junk) and so I didn’t earn a lot of money.  With PLATINCOIN, there’s never any pressure or stress. The product is in demand, important, useful, it helps people earn more money and improve their lives. Additionally, the company really gives all the tools to create a passive income, which is the reason why most people go into network marketing.

Tell us about your team. What’s it like? And what are your plans for PLATINCOIN?

I’m currently a Blue Diamond, as you know, but I want to reach the maximum rank in the company. There are already more than 1150 partners in my structure, and I am really proud of my team. They support me very much, they’re always there for me. We interact well and we’re working together to build a better community and make PLATINCOIN the best company in the world. I am especially grateful to the founder of the company, Alex Reinhardt, for this incredible opportunity to be part of his amazing project. I promise that me and my team members will do our best to live up to expectations!