The biggest japanese IT-corporation Fujitsu announced partnership with Japanese Banking Association (JBA). Companies develop together a solution for financial industry based on technology the of distributed register. The association deals with payment systems efficiency estimation and also suggests and offers new ways of financial technologies application.

Upon the agreement Fujitsu shall present a platform can be used by JBA-banks for different business-applications. It could be for instance identification and authentication services as well as money calculation and transactions. Hyperledger Fabric will be a basis for the platform. This blockchain project shall increase the quality of banking services and make them faster and safer.

Right after ICO ban by the National bank of China information surfaced that the government plans to close all cryptocurrencies markets in the country. From the beginning of this month the initial token placement is equal to illegal financial activities in China and is penalized. The media reported stocks received a suspension of work till the end of september and many of them already announced trading cessation and funds withdrawal. The companies note that measure does not apply to other aspects of the work, in particular mining operations will go on.