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NASA tested the model of subsonic jet aircraft

The American space agency NASA together with Lockheed Martin corporation tested the model of subsonic jet aircraft makes a flight between New York and London within three hours. The aircraft will be not only fast but silent too. The developers claim that the noise made by the jet can be compared with the one of a luxury car. The project is now looking for investors ready to invest around 400 million dollar within 5 years. The aircraft has no analogs in the world yet.

Russian ministry of industry and trade has formed a working group for development of internet technologies. It will focus on optimization of companies’ activities with the technology of the distributed register. According to the group creators blockchain can cut companies expenses up to 8 trillion rubles. The group includes representatives of such companies as Rostelekom, Chernomorneftegaz, VentureClub, X5 Retail Group, Starta Capital. The alliance will consider different proposals on the usage of decentralized system, which can solve current problems of corporations and maintain the workflow.

The software developer Adobe will stop updating Flash Player from 2020. This platform is dedicated to playback multimedia internet files as well content from web-applications. The work of the application cannot be stopped yet, so the company will gradually implement new services such HTML5 and WebGL. The idea is already supported by  Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Mozilla.

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August 18, 2017

Технология блокчейна покоряет мир.

August 19, 2017

Такие новшества приходят в нашу жизнь, о которых раньше и думать не могли – прогресс!
Отлично, что с Платинкоин, мы не будем вне прогресса.

August 20, 2017

До прихода в Платинкоин как то и не задумывалась, что творится в мире в плане технологий, теперь узнавая каждый день новости, прихожу к мысли, что наверное в сутки рождается по несколько тысяч идей. Такие мысли заставляют ценить свое время и свою жизнь.

August 20, 2017

Вот это новости ! вот так прогресс!