Andrew Yn, a data scientist and founder of Google Brain department set up a foundation to support development of artificial intelligence and neural networks. The planned volume of the foundation is 150 million dollars. It is not clear yet how it will differ from many other funds existing on the market. Andrew Yn also launched recently a service for machine learning for Coursera.

The biggest Japan IT-services company NTT Data announced a creation of a consortium which members will research options of blockchain technology implementation. The companies like Toyota Tsusho, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Mizuho Financial Group, Mitsu Sumitomo Insurance, Nippon Express and other big Asian firms already joined the consortium.

NTT Data already undertook first tests of decentralized register by the development of several solutions for banking industry. Now the company is working on projects related to insurance, accreditation, transactions and smart contracts.

Google corporation purchased a Belorus startup called ALMatter developing smartphone applications based on neuronal networks. The company was owned by the ex top-managers of Group. Details of the deal are not disclosed. AlMatter releases platforms for video and photo processing applying the technology of artificial intelligence. Already over two millions of users appreciated the application where you can change the background or select any hair color.

American company IBM announced a partnership with the Singapore terminal operator PSA International. The corporations are to develop and to implement the technology of distributed register for supply chains management. PSA International is one of the biggest operators controlling harbors not only in Asia but also in Europe and South America.

The new project is dedicated to improve logistic processes and to decrease costs. Shipping industry is interested in development of blockchain; another well-known shipping operators already started to test the technology for industry problems solution.