Tesla prematurely completed a major project in South Australia. The project implies the construction of the world’s most powerful lithium-ion battery which will provide more than 30 thousand houses with electricity in case of emergency. During the hurricane in autumn 2016 millions of residents of the south of the country were left without electricity. The administration decided to develop the alternative energy after that. Tesla promised to manage the project within 100 days and finished  one week before the promised date.

Cryptocurrencies market capitalization reached another historical maximum. This week the total value of the digital assets grew up to $ 300 billion. Capitalization increased by one third in a month. Total daily turnover makes over $ 12 billion. The cryptocurrency market grew almost 17 times compared to the beginning of 2017.

Big New Zealand airline Air New Zealand plans to partially switch to the blockchain. The company previously united with the Swiss startup Winding Tree. It will help create a plan of usage of the distributed register for air transportation, for instance, for booking tickets or tracking the luggage. Moreover the technology might be used for client loyalty program development. According to the representatives of Air New Zealand, blockchain will decrease costs and make all the processes faster and safer.