Microsoft corporation announced Office 2019 release. It will become publically available in the second part of the next year. The companies who are subscribers to Office 365 service will mainly benefit from it. They will be offered new IT functions and features.

The package will include updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as server editions of Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business. At the same time the developers announced Office 2007 will not be supported anymore starting from October this year.

The biggest chinese bank China Construction Bank develops together with IBM corporation a blockchain system for insurance. The platform based of the distributed register will help accelerate, simplify and optimize all processes related to the banking insurance. Developers run already system tests, it shall be implemented till end of the year. It is one of the largest blockchain projects of IBM at the moment.

Leading Canadian and American banks are to launch a blockchain platform for international payments. The experimental project is dedicated to the acceleration of transactions between financial institutions of these countries. Moreover the platform is to decrease operational costs. The developers use software of the blockchain consortium Hyperledger. Now the project is being finalized.