At Platin World, our main goal is to enable people around the world to boost their earnings and personal growth with technologies, regardless of their place of residence, age and technical background. With Platin World, hundreds of thousands of people have already become real leaders! They have radically transformed their lives, having received their own passive income, freedom of movement, a team of like-minded people, an intense increase in motivation and personal development!

More recently, the number of partners who have achieved the Diamond rank has exceeded 1000 people. We value every partner, but, of course, the main leaders and engines of Platin World are our Diamonds: partners with the Diamond rank and above. They work tirelessly, recruiting new partners, creating their own teams, and helping new leaders thrive.

We are proud of each of our Diamonds, and we do our best to make sure as many people as possible reach this rank! And to give our partners even more motivation to reach new ranks,  we host festive award ceremonies at our events.

Which opportunities can partners get from Platin World?

As part of the partnership program, we give each partner the opportunity to build and motivate a team, receiving new ranks and bonuses for their actions. For each new rank, partners receive bonus payments - from 100 to 10 000 000 € in PLCU coins.

The Platin World team helps partners develop their own teams: the dashboard in the "Tools" section contains a lot of marketing materials - landing pages, links to social networks, banners, pictures, videos.

Platin World founder Alex Reinhardt regularly hosts webinars for existing partners and newcomers, where he talks about the opportunities that are opening up with Platin World!

How can you reach the Diamond rank?

A partner is awarded the Diamond rank when the all-time turnover of his structure reaches € 250,000. For Blue Diamond, the turnover must be € 500,000, Green Diamond - € 1,000,000, Purple Diamond - € 2,000,000, Red Diamond - € 6,000,000, Black Diamond - € 12,000,000, Platin Diamond - € 60,000,000, Double Platin Diamond - 120 000 000 €, Triple Platin Diamond - 500 000 000 €. However, there is one other condition: the turnover must be generated by two or more partners, and the share of each partner must not exceed 50%.