PLATIN World Latin America Convention – one of the most massive events in the entire history of PLATIN World – was hosted on October 30, at the conference hall of the Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun Hotel in Cancun. 

Over the course of several days, PLATIN World welcomed guests and participants at the event. 

The event started with the Gala Dinner — partners with the highest ranks joined this dinner, enjoying an atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday: active networking, interesting performances from partners, music and dancing!

The main event started on the second day — it was attended by guests from across Latin America - Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, and more. Alex Reinhardt and PLATIN World leaders shared their success stories, motivated the participants to reach new heights, and finished the day with an award ceremony featuring commemorative diplomas and pins (unique badges with PLC symbols) for participants.

The event ended with two days of active training sessions in sales, leadership and business management from top PLATIN World experts.