Russian healthcare system is introducing projects based on distributed register. One of the first initiatives is to store all medical cards in a blockchain database. The Russian Ministry of Health states these measures will help make the system depersonalized and more secure. Only electronic card owner will have an access key and he will decide which health institutes and doctors to share his personal information with. Moreover the transfer of the cards to a digital format will decrease the percentage of losses.

Microsoft corporation has joined the project ICC (Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts) created by the leading US universities. The initiative is aimed to create new blockchain solutions for financial sector. Microsoft representatives noted they are close to the idea of making the technology accessible and scalable and financial platforms quick, transparent and secure. ICC already cooperates with state, world banks, software developers and representatives of the financial industry.

New information on cyber espionage was revealed by WikiLeaks portal. It is a Protego project held from 2014 to 2015. Intelligence services developed a software able to manage and launch missiles from fighters. Special program was installed on board computers and transmitted signals via encrypted channels. The launch is made after signals made through three channels. For confirmation there is a need of information about the aircraft location, time of the launch and access to GPS-navigation.