Despite the decline in the popularity of unmanned cars due to recent deaths, companies continue to work on the pursuit of safety. In the California city of Sacramento, the authorities, in conjunction with the company Phantom Auto, will conduct tests of cars’ safety which will be monitored by an operator with a mobile phone. In order to ensure continuous communication between the operator and an unmanned vehicle, Phantom Auto will create a route where the telephone communication works perfectly.

Residents of Sacramento can use the service of an automated taxi for free for two days. The city authorities want to show that using an autonomous car can be safe and convenient. This start up could hold great possibilities in the area of the development of the new mobile standard 5G, which will be able to unite not only the operator and the unmanned vehicle into a single unit, but an entire unmanned taxi fleet.

BMW will build a new auto factory for the first time since 2005. It will be equipped for production of electric cars, but it will also produced hybrid cars with an internal combustion engine. The new plant will be built in Hungary, in the area around the city of Debrecen. The decision to build a factory here was made because of the good infrastructure of the city, and also because of the market: 45% of BMW’s cars are bought in Europe. In addition, the company has invested in a project to create a plant that will produce batteries. The Chinese company CATL will build the plant in Germany.

Despite the strict prohibitions on cryptocurrency in China, distributed registry technology is still developing in the country. The Agricultural Bank of China issued a loan for the development of private tea production in Guizhou using blockchain technology. The security,or pledge, usually was a plot of agricultural land. In China, credit fraud is widespread: with the help of the same piece of land, people can get loans at several banks. This brought the economic situation in the country to the brink of a banking crisis. With the help of blockchain it will no longer be possible to do such things. To carry out a transaction, a special blockchain platform was created on the network that the bank and local agricultural cooperatives are located.