The European Union has invested almost six million euros in startups related to blockchain within Horizon 2020 seven-year program. Now only six companies received development grants. Three of them received the sum of over 1 million euro each, another three companies received around 50 thousand euro each. In the first line the EU is interested in development of digital identification and e-payment projects.

Google starts selling new gadgets in Japan. From October it will be selling smart speakers working on the basis of artificial intelligence. They can recognize voice commands, reproduce music tracks and news, as well as manage electronic devices connected to them.

Foreign media has reported Twitter might have a new function called tweetstroms. It allows to bypass the limitation of 140 symbols and publish bigger comments. You can insert a text of any volume and service will divide it into a serie of twitts and publish in a form of a tree of messages. The function was already noticed by Android users but there is still no official statement from company representatives.