IT-corporation Google has teamed up with Levi’ in order to create a smart jacket. One of the existing Levi’s models called Levi’s Commuter has been given new functions: its sleeves have now sensor insertions created from a special fabric made from conductive threads. Through this insertion and a Bluetooth-module on the sleeve signals are transmitted to a smartphone with a special app downloaded. Users can listen to the music, answer calls and manage navigator with the assistance of smart devices on the jacket. In the USA the product will go on sales within next days. There is no information available about possible import to other countries.

The analytics of the American company Exante Data have published a forecast comparing the figures of a total daily turnover of the Apple assets and cryptocurrencies. Apple has the leading position in terms of capitalization on the world market, it is 4 billion dollars daily. The analytics consider digital assets will soon catch up with the IT-giant. The average daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies already reached the point of 3 billion dollars and the number is growing.

The international payment system MasterCard plans to integrate blockchain in its infrastructure. On the website of the The United States Patent and Trademark Office there is an application from the company describing a new solution for the unified payment system built on the technology of the distributed register. The platform solves some problems related to money transfer between legal entities. The system will store and automatically process supply orders, invoices, transactions and other data cannot be changed by any fraudsters.