Facebook engineers created a large-scale population map of 23 countries with detailed description of objects. This initiative is a part of the global project of Mark Zuckerberg for setting up the internet access through the space. In order to create this map, Facebook staff has studied satellites’ data for a long time as well as population censuses and data from the own neural network. With a detailed accuracy the engineers have represented the places with a weak signal or with no connection at all. In USA 50% of the satellites are launched with commercial purposes, so they will help set up a signal from the space and the stratosphere and put in life the idea of a space internet.

The Central Bank of India has announced a development start of a blockchain service. The multi-functional project will solve many issues of the financial sector. The technology of the distributed register will help make the service safe, open and fast. In the future the bank representatives see the possibility to digitalize rupia, the national Indian currency. Moreover the media got to know the research department of the indian Central Bank has applied for three patents in the area of blockchain. They are connected to cloud calculations, analytics and cyber security.

Microsoft conducted a partnership agreement with Amazon resulting in a merge of two well known voice assistants of the both companies, Alexa and Cortana. Soon users will be able to apply changes to calendar, send messages and data, launch certain functions of smart devices and make purchases using the services Alexa and Cortana in parallel. The mutual integration will be supported after the update release for Windows 10, scheduled for this fall.