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Struggle against cyber spies and other news of IT industry

The company FireEye Inc. specializing in cyber security announced a new survey.  It states that the North Korean government engages hackers for hacking cryptocurrency stock markets and use digital assets for the purposes of circumventing UN sanctions as well as money laundering and secret project financing. The representatives of FireEye claim at least three attacks from North Korean hackers at big world stocks are already confirmed. There are also some data available from  South Korean researchers stating that Kim Chen Yn created a special department of military intelligence which is responsible for cyber espionage.

American corporation Intel and chinese telecommunication company Tencent signed a partnership agreement. Tencent is to develop blockchain solutions for the industry of the Internet of Things using cloud technologies of Intel. The chinese agency plans to develop its own project called TUSI Internet of Things laboratory and implement within its framework some new more efficient and secure blockchain platforms for corporate clients. TUSI laboratory is a research center responsible for development and testing industrial high technologies as well as for its certification.

Brand Analytics, a service specializing in brand monitoring in social media shared its statistics of reference to messenger in russian social media. The first place is taken by Viber with 33% of references. WhatsApp has the second place with 3 percent less references. Telegram is ranked closely thereafter with 13% share of references. Experts claim Telegram shows record growing numbers during the last year and today this messenger became a rich source of Russian media. The number of users of this service exceed 8 million, public Telegram channels are read daily by 1,5 million users. This clearly demonstrates the demand and popularity of the platform.

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October 10, 2017

Да, Telegram как-то стремительно вписался в нашу жизнь))) 8 000 000 – это внушительно…

October 11, 2017

На дня Telegram официально добавил русский язык в приложения для iOS и Android – теперь рост аудитории будет активнее.
Не нужно использовать бота и просить перевести – 4 года потребовалось Telegram для этого =))

October 11, 2017

Да уж чем больше игроков, тем вопрос безопасности становится острее, поэтому предложение Платинкоин с тановится все актуальнее..

October 25, 2017

Как и в природе, в интернет-маркетинге также действуют суровые законы эволюции. Сильные поедают слабых. Быстрые поедают медленных. И нужно либо развиваться, либо принять поражение.
Всегда выигрывают те, кто быстрее других видит новые возможности.