One of the biggest conglomerates in the world Goldman Sachs has shown interest in the Blockchain technology. The banking giant set up a website dedicated to explain the benefits and practical use of Blockchain technology. The page was created for the purpose of spreading the idea of how Blockchain helps to store und forward information in a way that makes it impossible to add, delete or untraceable change any data.

Goldman Sachs already made investments in some Blockchain startups. But only now they have formally announced their acceptance of the Blockchain Technology. This is because the distributed register became very attractive especially for financial sector. The reason is this new technology will not only will make the transaction of data safer and more secure, but it will also decrease costs. We can expect large-scale implementations of Blockchain projects for investment banks within next 3-4 years.

Moscow stock exchange has announced its strategy for next four years. During this time investors plan to put 1,2 billions rubles in technical and financial start-ups. The exchange will not only issue grants and make direct investments, but also buy technologies. In the first line would be considered projects focused on exchange data and which attract private investors, but also different platforms on Blockchain base. The representatives of Moscow stock exchange stated, they plan to respect international experience, support the financial and technical sector in general, offer new services for stock exchanges and develop country financial market.

Google improves the interface of its mobile application. It came to the light that the company is testing now a totally new design of the search engine. There will be new fonts, text colors, design of search cards and menu shortcuts. The innovation is on adaptation stage, but soon it will be supported by iOS and Android platforms.