Litecoin burst into the Coinmarketcap top

The coin has hit its seven-months maximum. Growth is most likely drivenby the statement about a potential integration of MimbleWimble technology with the assistance of Beam developers.

MimbleWimble is an anonymous blockchain protocol — a reference to one of the spells in the «Harry Potter» book. After a person pronounces the magic phrase, he or she is unable to speak on a particular subject. The MimbleWimble concept is based on a similar bitcoin method of signing anonymous transactions: the elliptic curves method as well as the 2nd solution earlier put forward by Gregory Maxwell, Bitcoin Core developer at Confidential Transactions and CoinJoin.

According to the developer, hiding behind the pseudonym of Tom Elvis Jedusor, MimbleWimble will prevent blockchain from disclosing information about its users.

Market growth forerunners

Bitcoin hash rate has reached a three-month high. This is evidenced by fact that new Bitcoin mining devices have got connected to the network. According to experts, this is a very important sign for the BTC price.

Meanwhile, the team at SFOX, a California-based crypto startup, came to the conclusion that the market sentiment changed to «moderately bullish» in February. The transition is visible on the multi-factor index chart with SFOX.

The crypto industry main news for the past week (04.02-10.02)

Binance disclosed details of Binance DEX

Binance was one of the main newsmakers last week.

The Exchange announced its cooperation with Ripple to integrate the xRapid payment solution, which uses XRP tokens. Everything is currently at the negotiation stage with details being worked out. It was further announced that the exchange was focusing on the launch of Binance Chain decentralized exchange.

Binance DEX will look like the existing stock exchange. It will also offer an opportunity to connect external addresses and create a 24-word mnemonic phrase for private keys and a balance tab. Binance reports that user funds will be protected by the Trust Wallet application, which has an infrastructure independent from the server. Private keys will be stored by the users, so only they will have access to the funds.

The exchange will operate in its own Binance blockchain, whose launch was announced on December 4. Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, assures that it will take one second to create a block and transactions will be effected instantly. The Binance DEX launch is scheduled for early 2019.