The world biggest travel company TUI Group uses blockchain for tracing internal contracts. TUI in located in Germany, owns over 1600 travel agencies around the world as well as airlines, cruise lines and other entertainment facilities. The firm is accounting for 20 millions clients across the world. Last year TUI reported incomes of over 17 billion dollars.

The general manager of the company recently informed media about the project based on blockchain called BedSwap which is making files on hotel sector in a real time mode. He pointed out, within next years the project will help cut down company expenses on millions euros. In a long time perspective TUI considers a switch to a blockchain system totally managing the whole data. Moreover the company believes the technology will wipe out such booking services like Expedia, Airbnb and

The demand on blockchain experts is continuously growing. IBM corporation is launching learning courses in this direction. Several US colleges and universities became its partners. The new educational project is on high demand now. The courses will be held on base of IBM Blockchain Platform and the partnering educational establishments will become access to the opportunities of the technology and other cloud services of the corporation.

Facebook security department blocks one million accounts daily. Internet company representatives told about that. Already in May this year Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to hire around 3 thousand new staff members will be watching the compliance with the rules of the social network. Pages of fraudsters, spammers and extremists are to be blocked. Moreover the security service checks videos and posts of ordinary users for irregularities.