The company Aurora Flight Sciences has successfully conducted a test flight of an unmanned helicopter. It is based on the military helicoptor Huey UH-1H of the Vietnam War era. Since the model of the helicopter is obsolete, it was equipped with a motor connected to a hydraulic control system and sensory devices were added to the nose. In addition, the helicopter will be able to see obstacles and evade them by means of a laser rangefinder. The aircraft has a complex system that independently calculates the optimal route; It only needs to specify the start and end points. The helicoptor will be used for cargo transportation and is now being used by the U.S. Marine Corps for further testing.

An American entrepreneur and founder of the large online store Overstock, Patrick Byrne, is working on a blockchain platform for real estate. It will keep a register of real estate which will help in the transfer of rights to buyers. In addition to the platform itself, the development team will release a mobile service and a social network. Byrne told reporters that this project is very important for him and the businessman is even ready to sell Overstock to obtain the necessary investments. The testing of the new platform is scheduled for early next year.

Instagram has launched a new function. Now users will have the opportunity to subscribe to hashtags in addition to interesting accounts. The option will work in the same way as conventional profiles. The newsfeed will display all posts published with the hashtag as well as its history. Instagram’s management believes that the innovation will make their content more diverse and keep users on the social network longer as well as to help target its advertising more accurately.