American corporation Apple plans to introduce its own video content next year with 1 million dollars budgeted for it. This sum can cover about 10 episodes of shows or series. Apple won’t have it easy on this market, the budgets of Netflix, HBO and Amazon are much higher. But the corporation benefits with world coverage, efficient marketing and own service Apple Music planned to spread content through. It is not clear yet, if the company will buy own videos or make it on its own.

It was known that Chinese state plans to use the technology of decentralization for taxes collection and digital invoicing. New initiative will be a real challenge for blockchain. Now China has a second place in the ranking of the most economically developed countries. Its GDP is above 10 billion dollars per year. In the world community China is being held for one of the most technologically developed countries.

The Chinese government presented recently a five-year national plan of informatisation where development and implementation of distributed register is prioritized. Among the directions where blockchain will be soon implemented are health care, taxes and citizen identification.

Biggest IT-companies applied to the Supreme Court of America with a request to check the legality of the work of the law-enforcement agencies. The topic is the case of Timothy Carpenter accused of robbery. The police found and arrested him using the information from his mobile device.

The representatives of the IT industry insist on the idea this methods violate citizen’s rights and the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. In the circulation it is also stated there is a need to keep private data received from smartphone confidential. Following corporations signed up for the treatment: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Dropbox and others.