From January 15 to 17, we hosted a series of private events in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), which brought together some of our most powerful PLATINCOIN leaders in Latin America. All our guests were experienced leaders with extensive backgrounds in network marketing and powerful teams of network partners across the entire region.

The events were hosted over the course of three days. Our partners were provided with educational training sessions on PLATINCOIN products and network marketing, coaching sessions from Alex Reinhardt, as well as networking events and a lavish white party by the ocean, where partners could talk to each other and Alex Reinhardt in an informal atmosphere.

All these events were hosted against the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Basin, which made them truly unforgettable!

The partners at our events had joined us recently, at the end of 2020, but they have already achieved phenomenal results. They are reaching new ranks with an enormous speed, expanding their teams with every day, developing the potential of new leaders, and increasing their passive incomes!

By the way, they were all familiar with PLATINCOIN from the very beginning in 2017, but they spent a long time making their decision to join us as they learned more about the company. This is because they receive so many offers, and they must be especially thorough in choosing their projects, evaluating them across a number of serious requirements towards sales turnovers, product quality, the personal qualities of the leaders, and their commitment to fulfilling promises. PLATINCOIN has passed their evaluations across all categories, and now they are prepared to invest 100% of their energy into their personal growth and the development of the company. The efforts of our partners in Latin America have created a new stage in the growth of PLATINCOIN, with rapid growth of teams and turnovers.

During these events, we were lucky to witness an important milestone for the entire PLATINCOIN community: one of the strongest leaders in Latin America, Ronny Röhrig, achieved the Black Diamond rank. This means that he reached a team turnover of €12 000 000! Ronny received a bonus payment of 240 000 € and 441 blockchain places! Ronny’s results inspired guests at the event to reach new heights in the future!

These events prove that PLATINCOIN is more than just a tool for building a passive income. PLATINCOIN is a community of like-minded people and a powerful networking opportunity. This is a real family, where everybody supports each other. Today, PLATINCOIN offers the ultimate dream lifestyle, with travel, communication, and fun! Meanwhile, PLATINCOIN remains a tool for generating a consistently increasing income and building your own business!